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A bright future for logan

If you are sick of career politicians, self-serving Councillors and Mayors, then you know that this election, you will be voting for a Mayor who is honest, has credibility, the utmost integrity AND will put the needs of Logan City FIRST!





Logan City is backing paul's plan...

Reject Mayor's Salary Increases for the Term

I oppose any increase to the Mayor's salary. We must guarantee productivity first...

Rates & Charges Frozen for the Term

Logan residents should not receive payment increases. We need a full financial audit first...

End Luxury Cars and Limit Elected Officials’ Fuel Budgets

We must end the lurks and perks and not take ratepayers' money for granted...

Building Approvals Compulsory Impact Assessed

All developments must meet community standards and not be detrimental to communities...

Create a Whistleblowers Hotline - No More Corruption

Corruption stops with Paul Taylor as Mayor. Logan City will never be disgraced again...

Create a Mayor's Fund for Pensioners & Veterans

Donations from the public will be encouraged and will go to help pensioners & veterans...

Who is

Paul Taylor?

Paul Taylor has lived in Logan for 26 years with his wife and two children – in Cornubia, Rochedale South, Boronia Heights and Shailer Park, because he knows that Logan is a great place to live with it’s strategic positioning between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

This is why Paul chose to base his business here and this is why he has a solid understanding of your concerns and the direction that you want our city to take.

Growing up in India, Paul Taylor has seen poverty and was driven to work hard in order to achieve a better future for himself. He first discovered Australia in 1984, attending his brother’s wedding here, and 8 months later, he was welcomed as a permanent resident.

Paul soon joined Coles Supermarkets as an Assistant Store Manager and within the year, he had notched up 3 promotions to became a Store Manager – in this role, he turned around a department in 3 months, becoming the only team to achieve the budgeted result, in Victoria. Paul continued to advance his career and ended up controlling one of the company’s largest million dollar businesses in General Merchandise Variety; he liaised with people such as Ita Buttrose and represented the company overseas .

Today, Paul runs his own small business, creating the best granite memorials. He takes pride in employing Logan locals where his business is located and despite experiencing racial intolerance, he has never given up and has built a successful business that has captured 40% of the market.

Paul’s concern for the mediocre leadership at many levels of government has disappointed him and it is this poor standard that has propelled him to take the plunge to now stand for Mayor for the City of Logan. Paul Taylor has an insatiable appetite to bring to the city a degree of Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability…. Something that Logan has not seen in a long while.

Paul Taylor has what it takes to
get the job done!

Can do attitude

No task is too hard


Cannot be bought with brown paper bags


Council works for the community, not the other way around

These people know that Paul Taylor is exactly the MAYOR THAT
Logan City needs!

NOW & UP TO 6PM Saturday 28th March!

Logan needs a whistleblowers hotline. I condemn all forms of corruption. Politicians should serve their communities, not themselves.

Paul Taylor
I know that people work hard and I believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work. We must lower the cost of living to help families and people get ahead instead of stressing over bills. We all deserve the right to live in a safe community.

Paul Taylor
Everyday I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to live in Australia and raise my family here. That’s why I pledged to always contribute to my community and I would like to now do that as Mayor.

Paul Taylor
Remember that Local Councils were only intended to be administrative arms of the State Government. They are not governments despite their 'Local Government' title. We must make sure lazy State Governments never give them too much power.

Paul Taylor

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Introducing Paul Taylor

https://youtu.be/uUgfhfYGrBs Hi, I’m Paul Taylor and I’m standing as your candidate for Mayor, for the City of Logan. I’ve lived...

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