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Protecting Logan against Coronavirus

It has been reported that a number of people who were on the Tiger Air flight with the two cases of coronavirus, reside in Logan.   There are currently no confirmed cases in Logan however.   I would like to thank John Paul College, Crestmead State School and Kingston State

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Australia Day Stays

Since Australia Day, I have had a few people ask me what my stance is on changing the date that we celebrate our country. Under my leadership, should I be elected as Mayor of Logan, I will not be supporting any call to change the date. I am a migrant

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Car-ruption must not return to Logan

The luxury cars that the previous Logan City Council Mayor and councillors indulged in may have been recently scrapped by Interim Administrator Tamara O’Shea, however I have strong concerns that voters could unknowingly elect Councillors and a Mayor who will bring back the snout in the trough mentality and the

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Councils should stick to roads, rates and rubbish. Not religion!

Last week was the first time that ratepayers heard that the Interim Administrator has been inviting religious leaders of different faiths to open the Council weekly meetings. What I know is that residents want policies delivered and actions taken by Council that improves their quality of living – whether it

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