for LOGAN MAYOR 2020


How to vote

Please place a “1” in the box next to Paul Taylor’s name, on the Mayoral ballot paper, to vote for him.

It is important that you then follow instructions on your ballot paper to make sure that your vote is counted, and not declared invalid.

*If you cannot attend a Voting Centre in person, please call 1300 912 782. Press 1 to register and then 2 to vote.

Send me voting instructions and where I can vote.

My Commitment

Act With Integrity

Our elected leaders should be setting an example for the rest of the community. As a servant to the people, a Mayor and Councillors must always be honest and do what is right for the community as a whole. I pledge to always have integrity, as your future Mayor of Logan City.


Under my leadership, the strategies and business models I implement will deliver results for the City of Logan, with cost effective outcomes. I want to lead a council that has a 'can-do' attitude. I will make sure every council project is delivered in a timely manner to meet ratepayers' expectations.


Logan City Council's Code of Conduct must always be implemented. For too long, residents have been either unaware that they have the right to lodge a complaint or their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. As your Mayor, I will champion accountability from Councillors and Council staff, and make Logan City Council a great example for the rest of the Queensland.


As your Mayor and with your team of Councillors, we will be mindful of the needs and expectations of the community, in putting your needs first. All projects undertaken by council must be in the best interest of the immediate community. Under my leadership as Mayor, I will encourage the Council to portray empathy to Logan residents and to always work with the local community.

Logan needs a whistleblowers hotline. I condemn all forms of corruption. Politicians should serve their communities, not themselves.

Paul Taylor
I know that people work hard and I believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work. We must lower the cost of living to help families and people get ahead instead of stressing over bills. We all deserve the right to live in a safe community.

Paul Taylor
Everyday I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to live in Australia and raise my family here. That’s why I pledged to always contribute to my community and I would like to now do that as Mayor.

Paul Taylor
Remember that Local Councils were only intended to be administrative arms of the State Government. They are not governments despite their 'Local Government' title. We must make sure lazy State Governments never give them too much power.

Paul Taylor

These people know that Paul Taylor is exactly the MAYOR THAT
Logan City needs!

Don't complain about politicians!

Get involved and take control of your future.