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Beenleigh crime a result of inexperience

Logan Mayoral candidate Paul Taylor today pledged his support for the relocation of the 
Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services clinic, situated in the Beenleigh shopping precinct.

“This was a very unwise decision in the first place. How could anyone in the Logan City 
Council not foresee that by attracting drug users into one single location they were going to increase crime and civil disobedience into the Beenleigh shopping precinct,” Paul Taylor said.

“As Mayor of Logan, I will ensure that every effort is made to find an alternate location for this centre,” he added.

Agreeing that drug clinics can be useful and necessary, Mr Taylor said his primary concern was with two issues, one was the provision of $600,000 of taxpayers’ money to set this clinic up and two, why was the City Road, in the Beenleigh shopping precinct, seen as being a suitable location?

“The decision to support this drug centre is the result of the inexperience of people who are elected to positions where their poor judgement affects other people and not them. Would they have supported it if it was close to where they live? I doubt it.”

“If this centre is not re-located we will see the area around the Beenleigh shops become a ghetto precinct as drug users try to live close to where they are being treated. This is grossly unfair on shop owners and local residents.” Mr Taylor said.

“The supermarket in Beenleigh estimated they had lost $80,000 dollars in just three months from shoplifting, and other shop owners are fearful of drug affected people entering their shops. This is an easily managed problem and as your new Mayor, I will fix it,” he added.

“Local sporting centres and shops are upgrading security, drug users are fighting and being sick in the streets, cars are being stolen. This sounds like a 3rd world war zone and it was 
predictable and must be urgently corrected. It is time the locals had some positive assistance from Logan City Council, to their ‘drug’ problem.”

Supported by local residents and businesses, Mr Taylor said that the location is unsuitably placed because it draws a constant flow of people affected by drugs and who have their judgement and behaviour impaired.

“As your next elected Mayor, I will treat this as a priority and return civility and harmony to Beenleigh’s commercial hub,” Mr Taylor pledged.

Natalia Tormasi outside her shop.

Images: The Courier Mail

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