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Please peruse the below policies and viewpoints to gain an understanding of the vision I have for the City of Logan. More policies will be announced during the election campaign so please sign-up to my online newsletter (above) to receive updates.

*Policy updates – further information has been included on the topic, as it comes available.



In tough times, as elected representatives, we need to tighten our belts; with electricity prices and the price of fuel going through the roof, it is time that our elected representatives get their snouts out of the trough.

I commit to sending a clear and distinct message to the ratepayers that the new Logan City Council will stand with you and do the right thing. I therefore will commit to freezing my Mayoral salary at the current rate, with any increase during the term to be sacrificed and contributed to the Mayor’s Fund for pensioners and veterans that I am committed to setting up.

Mayor and Councillor salaries are set by an independent authority however it does not mean that elected representatives must take that money. Salary sacrificing has been done in the past. I have been advised that I cannot freeze the salaries for the Councillors but in leading by example, I would encourage them to follow me in sacrificing any wage increase to the Mayor’s fund. If I am willing to stand up and say enough is enough, then I will be requesting the same of other Councillors too.

Policy created: 14th July 2019. Updated 12th December 2019.


Rates & Charges Frozen for the Term

I am conscious of the constant price pressure from energy and fuel which is impacting on all financial tiers in the home; the recent rise in rates and charges only served to impose more pressure on the family budget.

I commit to not only freezing rates and charges for the term but after putting the budget under the microscope, if I can reduce them, then I will. I am very confident that sound economic strategies anchored in efficiency will deliver significant positive returns for all of us. It is about Council serving YOU and doing so diligently.

Policy created: 14th July 2019


End Luxury Cars and Limit Elected Officials’ Fuel Budgets

When I announced my Mayoral Candidacy on 5th October 19, I called for accountability and to scrap the luxury vehicles and extravagant travel allowances that Logan City Mayor and Councillors received. The Logan community agreed.

My policy was created on the 14th July and set a $35,000 limit on the purchase of a vehicle e.g Toyota Camry, Holden Captiva, Honda CRV etc. If Councillors/the Mayor wanted to drive a more expensive vehicle, they would have to foot the difference themselves.

Fuel usage will also be restricted; the $ 35,000.00 car will be a package which will include fuel, insurance and all costs associated with the vehicle. The fuel is not additional to the car that will be leased. All work in and around the City and a maximum of 100kms outside of the City would be covered by Council funds; So, if a Councillor or The Mayor are on holidays and they drive in the council provided vehicle to Victoria or Perth, the rate payers will not pick up that fuel bill. The gravy train comes to an end.

If they are travelling on Council business, then the fuel and associated costs will be catered for by the council but it will have to be substantiated…it must pass the pub test.

In early December 2019, the City of Logan Interim Administrator announced that Council cars for Councillors and the Mayor would be scrapped, with travel undertaken in their own cars, with an allowance for this; this is a decision that I also fully support.

If elected as Mayor, I will make sure that there is either no change to this policy or a more efficient policy, such as the $35,000 allowance, is created (whichever is financially better for ratepayers). Rorting through Council vehicles will be eliminated. Remember that the newly-elected Council could bring back these perks, but if I’m representing Logan as Mayor, I will not be voting for it.

Policy created: 14th July 2019
Updated 5th December 2019


Building Approvals Compulsory Impact Assessed

People do not want to live in a concrete jungle. As a Logan resident, and from speaking with you, I know that our community values their green spaces and sustainable development. As residents, YOU deserve a say on what is built in your backyard!

That’s why all building applications will need to be impact assessed. Eg: where an application has been made to remove 3 or 4 existing properties and an application is received to erect a high rise apartment on that site, such an application will and must be put through an Impact Assessment and the decision of the application will be reliant upon the result from this exercise conducted for the rate payers.

Impact assessments factor in the advantages and disadvantages of a development. Will there be ample parking or will there be too much traffic created from the proposed project? Will someone one day open up a brothel next to a high school? Will a nightclub be opened next to a retirement village? The community must be consulted and listened to.

As Mayor, I want compulsory Impact Assessments on all buildings and developments before they are approved. The community must be listened to.

Policy created: 14th July 2019


Create a Whistleblowers Hotline - No More Corruption

It is no secret that people have had enough of corruption, snouts in the trough politicians and elected representatives not representing their communities with integrity.

To eradicate corruption, I will install a whistleblowers hotline. Sadly, the existing mechanisms in place have clearly been inadequate to arrest this behaviour. We have to rise above this as our credibility in the community has clearly been shattered and the process of rebuilding will be challenging, but, we have no alternative to address this head on.

The installation of the whistleblowers hotline is non-negotiable AND the whistleblowers will be protected. I want to make sure that NO whistleblower has to go through what the former CEO is going through right now. Additionally, the information received from the whistleblower must be credible.

Policy created: 14th July 2019



Some politicians will take bribes from people to approve developments. This is absolutely unacceptable. I oppose the political ‘pay to play’ mentality that we unfortunately see in some quarters of Australian politics.

If elected as your new Mayor of Logan, I will not take any bribes but should some people have extra money that they want to dispose of, I will encourage them to donate to the Mayor’s Fund, which will be set up to solely help our pensioners and veterans. Those who donate to this fund will receive no “favours” and will be declared publicly, much like how political donations are declared now.

As an example, if a brown paper bag was handed to me as the Mayor, I would thank the person for the offer but then explain that the funds will be donated to the Mayor’s Fund. Should the donor agree, I would invite my P.A. to count the funds and promptly bank the same into the Mayor’s fund; no favours delivered – if the donor expected something in return, they would be asked to follow due process and to get in line with their request like everyone else.

If there are Logan City run events being held in the community, there will be a Mayor’s Fund collection point allocated for those who want to donate spare change. Any person, company or organisation will be able to donate to the Mayor’s Fund and those philanthropists that have donated, would be acknowledged and thanked for being great citizens in the Logan City Community.

A special bank account will also be managed for the fund which will be overseen and administered by a committee. Those pensioners and veterans seeking assistance will be assessed on a needs basis, with parameters set on how each case/application will be viewed/vetted; the decision making must be quick but accurate to ease the financial pressure on the applicant.

As the Mayor, I will champion the cause and receive regular reports on the funds coming in and the effectiveness in disbursing the same in meeting the needs of veterans and pensioners.

Policy created: 14th July 2019
Updated 21st Jan 2020



I was recently talking with a Logan grandmother who told me that she loved taking her grandchildren to her local park. The only problem was that as soon as one of these children wanted to go to the toilet, she had to pack all of them up and head home as there were no toilets in the park. Anyone with a child knows how tedious it can be to get children ready to go out, and then pack the car up to head home and I empathise with this lady’s frustration at the lack of toilets. Of course, we all need to go to the toilet at some stage so I know that adults would appreciate toilets too. Ratepayers are paying for parks to be maintained so that they can be used by the community! I want to make sure these services are delivered! I have also noticed that there are council-controlled cemeteries in the City of Logan which do not have toilet facilities. Those attending funerals and grieving people visiting their loved ones, need to do so without time constraints. I commit to installing toilet facilities in all our cemeteries in our City with adequate security measures in place. Watch the video here. Policy created: 14th July 2019 Updated: 1st December 2019


Economic management, business & jobs

When a country’s or city’s economy is booming, it means that business is profitable, jobs are being created and money is circulating between people. The present economy is stagnant however we can change this with the right policies.

Logan is situated in a premium position of being just 30 minutes from the Gold Coast and Brisbane yet not one of our politicians or previous Mayors has realised this or harnessed Logan’s potential. We must throw out political ideology and run this City through the prism of economics.

Logan unfortunately has a high rate of unemployment and social welfare – this is because our previous politicians, at all levels of government, played politics instead of putting the needs of Logan first.

I want to lead a council that does not squander ratepayers’ money. I want Logan City Council to create stability in business by freezing rates and charges and provide decent transport and parking facilities in the business pockets of our city. If business can grow, then it opens up the opportunity for more employment in our City too.

Veterans are Royalty in my book

Veterans will have Direct access to me; we as a people owe them significantly more respect and dignity than they have received thus far. These are the people who stepped up to the plate and in a totally unselfish manner, put their necks on the line for this great country; it angers me to see how they are treated and I will commit to ensure that in Logan, NO VETERAN WILL BE HOMELESS. Yes, in my book, they are royalty. 

Policy created: 14th July 2019


Like veterans, pensioners will also have direct access to me; they have paid their dues to this nation, it is time we treated them with dignity and respect. I find it staggering as to how poorly we treat our pensioners. Hence my commitment to set up the Mayor’s Fund set aside exclusively for Veterans and Pensioners to assist them if they are being challenged in their rates / charges.

Policy created: 14th July 2019


Every phone call made directly to my office, where rate payers wish to elevate their problem direct with me, I will personally return your call in 48 hours; I work for you the rate payer, it is the least that I can do.

Policy created: 14th July 2019


As a migrant to this great nation, I am in support of keeping Australia Day on January 26th. I believe it is important to protect and not forget this country’s heritage – no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ parts of Australia’s history may be. We are all here now – generational Australians, indigenous and migrants – working together as one people, to move the country forward for all to benefit. If elected as your Mayor, I will preserve Australia’s history and heritage.

Policy created: 20th January 2020


Anzac Day belongs to our veterans and they will be treated like royalty; anyone who threatens to spoil this event or tries to intimidate Logan City Council into cancelling it, I will seek that the absolute full force of the law be applied to them. We will honour and respect our veterans and those who have served this great nation so that we may enjoy the freedoms afforded to us. I welcome refugees but Veterans and Pensioners come first – WE OWE IT TO THEM.

Policy created: 14th July 2019

Reinstate the Former Sacked CEO - Sharon Kelsey

Whistleblowers are a key component to arresting if not eradicating unacceptable behaviour; the above executive is a spectacular example of just how inadequate the existing protective measures were; rather than being protected and rewarded, she has been vilified and put under significant financial pressure. This is totally unacceptable as these inadequate antiquated measures only serve as a warning to people who wish to blow the whistle and expose unacceptable conduct. She in my book is a champion of honesty and integrity and the least that I can do as Mayor is to follow through with the decision made earlier from the QIRC and restore her to her previous position as CEO.

Policy created: 14th July 2019

Logan needs a whistleblowers hotline. I condemn all forms of corruption. Politicians should serve their communities, not themselves.

Paul Taylor
I know that people work hard and I believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work. We must lower the cost of living to help families and people get ahead instead of stressing over bills. We all deserve the right to live in a safe community.

Paul Taylor
Everyday I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to live in Australia and raise my family here. That’s why I pledged to always contribute to my community and I would like to now do that as Mayor.

Paul Taylor
Remember that Local Councils were only intended to be administrative arms of the State Government. They are not governments despite their 'Local Government' title. We must make sure lazy State Governments never give them too much power.

Paul Taylor

My Commitment

Act With Integrity

Our elected leaders should be setting an example for the rest of the community. As a servant to the people, a Mayor and Councillors must always be honest and do what is right for the community as a whole. I pledge to always have integrity, as your future Mayor of Logan City.


Under my leadership, the strategies and business models I implement will deliver results for the City of Logan, with cost effective outcomes. I want to lead a council that has a 'can-do' attitude. I will make sure every council project is delivered in a timely manner to meet ratepayers' expectations.


Logan City Council's Code of Conduct must always be implemented. For too long, residents have been either unaware that they have the right to lodge a complaint or their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. As your Mayor, I will champion accountability from Councillors and Council staff, and make Logan City Council a great example for the rest of the Queensland.


As your Mayor and with your team of Councillors, we will be mindful of the needs and expectations of the community, in putting your needs first. All projects undertaken by council must be in the best interest of the immediate community. Under my leadership as Mayor, I will encourage the Council to portray empathy to Logan residents and to always work with the local community.

Don't complain about politicians!

Get involved and take control of your future.